LabForce AG is a Swiss company, founded in January 1999. We have the largest portfolio of antibodies, proteins and assay kits in Switzerland accomplished by innovative and best in class laboratory equipment in the field of cellular and molecular biology. For the diagnostics and pathology field we offer a wide range of excellent products.


It is our goal to offer innovative products at fair prices to advance life science research and clinical diagnostics in Switzerland. Both customers from research and diagnostics, as well as patients shall be able to benefit. We look for the best possible solutions to meet the needs of our customers, to advise and support them professionally. The cornerstone for this is professional and competent support from the LabForce team. We aspire to achieve quality, high utility and maximum security. The focus is on our customer as a person and business partner with his or her goals and needs.

Our Employees

Each member of our staff is motivated and does his best every day. We keep educating ourselves, in order to meet all customers needs.


We consider our relationship to customers, suppliers, business partners and interested parties as an equal partnership. It is based on honesty, fairness and helpfulness.


Health and security for all people involved in the business process is our main concern. We take a firm stand and are true to our words.


Our strength is the entirety of quality, mentality and personality of all customers, suppliers and employees.


We are thoroughly committed to our employees, who work for our company. Our range of products and service is designed to meet the needs of our customers. These are basically high-quality products, excellent service, assistance and consulting, and also the pleasure to always be of help to our customers. The success and performances of the LabForce AG are constantly improved by further training and suggestions for improvement by all members of the staff and advice of external specialists. read more less ...

Our certified quality management system according to ISO 9001 guarantees that our processes and actions meet the needs of our customers and all regulatory requirements.